Make Windows Xp Widescreen

Set Windows XP to widescreen resolution to optimize viewing on a widescreen monitor.

A widescreen monitor for a computer can be a great pleasure. As with movies, viewing in widescreen mode allows computer users to see more at once with the added horizontal space. Windows XP supports widescreen monitor formats, but its native resolution is designed for non-widescreen computers, causing the view to be vertically “squashed” on a widescreen monitor. Widescreen users will have to delve into their “Control Panel” settings to optimize their viewing.


1. Start up Windows and wait for it to complete it’s activation process. Click the “Start” icon in the bottom left of the screen, which will open up the “Start” menu.

2. Click the “Control Panel” icon, opening up a file explorer window. If the specific category files are hidden, click “Appearance and Themes,” followed by “Change the Screen Resolution.” If the category files are not hidden in the initial “Control Panelfile explorer, click the “Display” icon, which will open up an options window. Click the “Settings” tab.

3. Move the cursor to the screen resolution sliding bar located at the mid-left portion of the menu. Keep an eye on the rectangle marked “1” in the preview window above the sliding bar and shift the marker to one of the widescreen resolution settings. Click the “Apply” button and allow the computer screen to black out and reset itself to the new widescreen setting.