Make Your Gas Golf Cart Faster

Golf carts are convenient vehicles for getting around golf courses and parks, or even around large developments and office parks. A common complaint about golf carts is that they are too slow. Many people do not realize that golf carts can be modified to increase their speed. Many of the modifications can be done even if you have no prior mechanical knowledge.


1. Disable the governor. It is located beneath the plastic piece behind the seat. Look for a metal T-shaped piece that can swivel in either direction. Pull it up and secure it to the metal rod behind it with a zip tie. It will not be able to limit your speed after this.

2. Replace the tires with larger ones. Take measurements to ensure the tires will fit the cart before you buy them.

3. Remove any unnecessary excess weight from the cart. The lighter it is, the faster it will go.

4. Install a gear set with a lower ratio. Most golf carts come with a 12:5:1 ratio, which produces a top speed of 12 to 15 mph. Try a gear set with an 8:1 ratio to bring the top speed up to around 20 mph.