Make Your Own Club Membership Cards

Blank Club Membership Card

Club members typically carry a membership card that gives them access to club functions and activities. A membership card signifies this person is an accepted associate of the group. These cards are similar to a business card. You can make your own membership cards using Microsoft Publisher and a few other things. You will need some basic information and can even add pictures or graphics, if you like. These cards can be designed, printed and handed out to all of your club members in no time.


1. Start Microsoft Publisher Design Wizard tool. Choose “New” from the options under “File” on the menu bar, if it does not open automatically at programs launch.

2. Click on “Business Cards” to view the available templates. Using a business card template is a good way to make your own club membership cards. You will be able to print your cards using card stock or business card paper.

3. Go over existing card templates and select one with the basic overall design you like. Find a style that fits your club or one that you can alter to accomplish this. Click the “Start Wizard” button.

4. Notice the card appears on the right side and the wizard on the left. Each time you make changes, it shows on the card. Go through the process selecting options for your club membership card.

5. Choose colors for the card that match the club. Pick “Landscape” for the orientation. Check “Yes” when asked to add “Logo,” if you want to add a graphic to it.

6. Insert the details of the club when requested to add business information. This will automatically be known, if you have ever put these details in Publisher. If not, add these details now. Click “Finish” to complete the wizard.

7. Alter the business card design to fit your specific club. Using your mouse, move any sections of the card around. Highlight and change or delete any parts of the card.

8. Modify the color, font, style and size of the text on the membership card. Match these with any previous type you have used on other club materials. Use the Text Frame Tool to select placement of new text.

9. Put in your own pictures or graphics, if needed. Use a club logo or some other graphic that represents it. Click on the location you want to place it using the mouse.

10. Add the graphic using the “Insert” and then “Picture” option on the menu bar. Choose the type of picture, find it on your computer and click “Insert” to place it.

11. Go over the design of the membership card. Make any additional changes desired. Print one copy on regular paper. Check the cards again.

12. Use specially designed business card paper or card stock to print your cards. Load the printer as directed and print cards as needed.