Make Your Own Harley Patches

Design your own Harley patches and add some style to your motorcycle jacket.

Biker patches have been most famously used by a number of motorcycle gangs to display bikers’ membership in the gangs. However, they are also used by other bikers who have an interest in a particular brand of motorcycle. Harley Davidson patches are among the most common and even come attached with Harley Davidson brand jackets. If you are a Harley Davidson enthusiast and would like to make your own patch, you can do so easily at home.


1. Paint the design for your biker patch onto a piece of cotton fabric using fabric paint and a paint brush. Biker patches come in many different designs and sizes. The patch can include a name or image, or the Harley Davidson logo. If you are painting on the Harley logo, carefully trace the design onto the fabric using a pencil and then paint it with the fabric paint. Let the paint dry.

2. Cut out your Harley patch and place it on top of the fabric interfacing. Cut out the fabric interfacing so that it is the same shape as the fabric patch.

3. Place the shiny side of the interfacing facing the back of your fabric patch. Place the patch onto an ironing board with the interfacing facing up. Iron the interfacing onto the patch. The heat from the iron will cause the interfacing to bond to the fabric.

4. Cut off any excess interfacing around the edge of the patch using a pair of scissors. Dab anti-fray liquid around the edges of the patch to keep them flat.

5. Sew the Harley patch onto your motorcycle jacket using a needle and thick thread.