Makeup Artist Tips For Highdefinition

Essential Makeup

High definition gives a crisp and clear picture when viewing television and photos. Good for consumers, but terrible for news anchors, actors and models who have to amp up their makeup routine to achieve flawless skin. HD resolution magnifies all of your skin’s imperfections. Below are tips from Hollywood’s most esteemed makeup artists that will help you effectively conceal enlarged pores, cakey makeup and deep under-eye circles when viewed on HD. Does this Spark an idea?

Jane Bradley

Makeup artist Jane Bradley believes that creating a good canvas for makeup is essential in applying flawless makeup for HD. Create a good canvas by using a pore minimizing moisturizer to help conceal enlarged pores on the cheek and nose and a silicone makeup primer to plump fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll also have to drink lots of water to make sure your skin is sufficiently hydrated, apply SPF to shield from UVA rays (which ages the skin) and UVB rays (which burns the skin) and get routine facials to ensure that skin is in tip-top shape.

Sandy Morris

A makeup artist to the stars, Sandy Morris is a firm believer in airbrush makeup. Sandy says, “It’s a better match for high definition.” She encourages women with bad skin to consider applying their makeup with an airbrush kit as it provides flawless coverage without using much product. Because professional grade airbrushing machines can cost well over $1,000, many people only choose to hire makeup artists to apply airbrush makeup for special occasions. For everyday wear, purchase an at-home airbrush kit from brands like Luminess Air and Temptu for less than $300 (price as of 2009). Use the airbrush gun provided in the kit to apply your foundation, blush, contour and concealer in less than five minutes. Keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase special airbrush makeup, which is typically more expensive than standard makeup, to go along with the kit.

Eve Pearl

Five-time Emmy award-winning makeup artist Eve Pearl is an advocate of salmon concealer. Many women think that applying a light yellow or white color to the under eye area will cause under eye circles to visually “disappear.” However, it will simply make the area appear green or grey by blending into the existing blue; which is especially highlighted on HD footage. The proper way to conceal under-eye circles is to use a salmon colored concealer as it is directly opposite of blue on the color wheel. Because they are direct opposites on the color wheel, salmon will effectively cancel out blue under-eye circles.