Makeup Tips For Undereye Bags

Whether you’ve got bags under your eyes from lack of sleep or they’re genetic, under-eye bags are often a struggle to conceal. Although there are natural ways to rid yourself of them, they also can be concealed using makeup. Does this Spark an idea?


In preparation for concealing your under-eye bags, moisturize the area. Even if you’ve put moisturizer on your face, you should use an eye cream over and under your eyes. This makes the area moist so that the concealer will not cake up or crease underneath your eyes after hours of wear.

The concealer that you’re using should be a shade or two lighter than your foundation. Concealer with yellow undertones blends in the best and helps to lighten better than any other undertones. If the concealer you use to cover blemishes fits this criteria, then you should use that. Otherwise, new concealer should be bought specifically for this task. Do not use concealer that is the same shade as your foundation, as it won’t make the area brighter.

You can use liquid, cream or stick concealer. Stick concealer is the easiest to apply but is often for very heavy coverage. Cream concealer also provides heavier coverage, but it will cake easier. Liquid concealer is better for a lighter look, but it creases easier than cream concealer.

You should also have a clean makeup brush or a sponge to apply the concealer. You can use your fingers as well.


Hold the area underneath your eye taut to apply the concealer. Using your finger or brush, dab the concealer under the outline of your eye on top of the bags. If you apply it correctly, there should be several dots of concealer underneath your eye.

Blend the concealer out using your makeup brush until the area is completely covered. Use more concealer if you are not happy with the results. At this point, you can use the makeup sponge to blend the concealer out more and get it set in place. The under-eye cream is important because if it was not used, the concealer will be harder to smooth out to get a more natural finish.

Tips for Long-Time Wear

Once you’ve concealed your under-eye bags, it’s important to check your makeup throughout the day. Our eyes and the muscles aroung them are constantly moving, which can shift the makeup and cause creases. If you carry a small makeup sponge with you, you can quickly correct any creases with a quick dab or swipe. Do not swipe hard enough to take all the makeup off. You should just be cleaning up the excess concealer in the creases. If you do not have a makeup sponge, this can be easily done with your pinky finger. You should not have to reapply the makeup during the day.