Male 60th Birthday Gifts

At 60, a man may still have many unrealized dreams.

Though turning 60 is an achievement, most people at this age are still in relatively good health and are eager to celebrate. If you have been invited to a 60th birthday of a man, there are plenty of realistic gift ideas — and also some unrealistic ones — you can choose from.

For the Drinker

Most drinkers have a bar or recreation area at home, a room or shed they go to relax or do their hobbies. It is fun to decorate this area with posters of your favorite cars, band and sport memorabilia and other things collected during a lifetime. If you know the particular interests and passions of the guy turning 60, you could purchase something for his collection. A bottle to put on the bar is always most welcome and will never be out of place.

For the Motorcycle Enthusiast

If you are feeling really generous, and the 60-year-old man in question is a motorcycle enthusiast, you could buy him a brand new motorcycle. Check out brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, BMW and Kawasaki. As a 60-year-old is probably either retired or approaching retirement, he will have a lot of time to cruise on his bike on peaceful country roads. The children are gone, too, so he will be able to have all his time to himself and his hobby.

For the Handyman

Tools are always a great gift for guys, but at 60, maybe your friend already has all the tools he needs. If he collects tools, then maybe you can find some new design of tool that would be a great addition to his collection. The hardware store assistant can help you if this is outside your area of expertise. Alternatively, there are some great books on woodworking plans, handyman tips and DIY projects.

For the Music Lover

If you are familiar with the type of music that your friend listens to, you could buy him a CD or DVD to play at home or in his car. People with great CD collections are always open to new sounds, and he will no doubt welcome a new CD, whether it is an old greatest-hits favorite or whether it is a new band he has never heard of.

Surprise Party

Throwing your friend a surprise party at his favorite bar or club is another idea for the man who already has everything. Invite a few of his closet buddies and place a tab at the bar so that everyone drinks on the house and has a memorable occasion. Even if he is already having a party to celebrate his birthday at his house, the surprise party can be done one evening after work when he least expects it. It does not have to be the actual day, but it should be before his birthday rather than after.