Measure A Teddy Bear’S Clothes

Teddy bears deserve to be fashionable too.

A teddy bear can be a favorite friend for a child of any age. One way to make a teddy bear even more lovable is to make clothes for it. Whether you are designing matching outfits for your child and his plush pal, or are just trying to make his teddy bear more fashionable, creating a wardrobe for teddy can be a fun activity for you and your child.


1. Take measurements for the trunk of your teddy bear‘s body. This includes the neck, chest and waist. The chest should be measured just under the arms, and the waist should be measured at the widest portion of the bear’s belly. If your teddy bear has a larger head, add an extra inch to the neck size to accommodate fitting the clothing over its head.

2. Measure the arm length from the base of the neck to the area of the arm you want your garment to end — either mid-upper arm for short sleeves or to the wrist for long sleeves. To take the most accurate measurement, hold the bear’s arm straight out to the side to measure, if possible.

3. Lay your teddy bear on its stomach. Measure down the center of the bear’s back from the base of the neck to the waistline (or wherever you want the bottom of your top to end). Turn the bear over and double-check that this measurement is the same from the front; it may vary if your teddy bear has a fuller belly. If this is the case, use the larger measurement.

4. Lay your teddy bear on its back to take measurements for pants. Measure from the waist to the area of the leg you want your bottoms to end; either mid-thigh for shorts or to the ankles for pants. Measure the inseam as well, starting at the top of the thigh between the legs and measuring to the same area on the leg where you want your garment to end. Finally, measure the hips.