Measure An Hd Television

Knowing a TV’s measurements is essential in the process of researching new HDTV sets.

High definition televisions are the de-facto standard for modern television purchases and viewing. New and interesting installation methods, many involving retrofitting existing cabinetry, are being explored every day. Regardless of the design scheme, learning properly measure flat panel HD televisions is an essential requirement when shopping and planning upgraded media systems. Determine HDTV dimensions to arm yourself with more knowledge when making purchasing decisions. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure the intended wall surface or cabinet space to determine the space necessary for the new TV. Jot these numbers down in the note pad prior to looking at new sets.

2. Measure the outer cabinet dimensions of the set, vertically and horizontally. Make sure to figure in the total height with stand, and without. Measure the depth of the TV’s cabinet. Measure the depth of the stand, since it will be deeper than the set itself.

3. Measure the screen are from corner to corner, measuring only the screen’s surface. This will be the viewable screen area.