Measure For A Harley Clutch Cable Replacement

The clutch cable is on the rider’s left.

To properly service your Harley, you must be aware of the location of your clutch cable adjuster. The adjuster must be accessible if you are going to properly maintain your bike. Usually, the most variation in cable lengths is the distance between the adjuster and the clutch lever. It is not necessary to measure Harley-Davidson stock clutch replacement cables; the part is always simply sold as “stock” length. However, you must always measure the clutch cable when you replace your stock handlebars or install handlebar risers. It is best to install the new handlebars or risers first, then measure for your replacement cable immediately after.


1. Tape one end of the piano wire to the top of your clutch lever housing. Ensure that the wire extends across the entire breadth of the housing.

2. Turn the handlebars all the way to the right to ensure your clutch cable will cover your full turning radius.

3. Route the piano wire down your forks. Tape the wire to your forks approximately where the clutch cable adjuster was located on your old clutch cable.

4. Route the wire two inches beyond the spot where your old clutch cable entered your primary case. Mark that termination point on the wire with a third piece of tape.

5. Remove the piano wire from your motorcycle. Remove the first two pieces of masking tape. Measure the distance from the end of the wire to the third piece of masking tape with a steel or cloth measuring tape.