Measure For Saddlebags

Motorcycle saddlebags are either leather or a hard plastic material.

Motorcycle saddlebags allow storage space on a bike for jackets, gloves and helmets. Saddlebags are either leather or a hard plastic that is waterproof and includes locks to protect items from theft. Each motorcycle accepts different sizes of either type depending on the seat length and the height from the exhaust pipes. Taking accurate measurements in length and height enables choosing saddlebags that fit your motorcycle without obstructions.


1. Park the motorcycle, turn it off, and let it cool.

2. Place the tip of a measuring tape on the rear of the seat directly in front of the turn and brake signals. Measure to the front portion of the passenger’s seating area and add 4 inches for the passenger’s knee length. This is the maximum horizontal length of a saddlebag that will fit the bike. Write down the horizontal length

3. Measure the distance from the bottom of the seat on the frame to the top of the exhaust pipe’s highest point. Subtract 1 inch from this measurement to obtain the maximum vertical height of a saddlebag for the motorcycle. Write down the vertical height.