Measure Motorcycle Wheel Rims

Motorcycle accidents often bend wheel rims.

Motorcycle wheel rims are usually a stock size for each particular make and model. Some riders change to a wider tire that fits on a wider rim for better traction or for aesthetic purposes. Wider rims are low profile with the tire height smaller than the width. An accident on a motorcycle or dropping a bike often bends a rim so that it will not hold air in the tire. Measuring the diameter and width of the rim determines the replacement size.


1. Place the motorcycle wheel rim on a flat surface like a workbench or table. Set it in the same position as if it is mounted on a motorcycle.

2. Hold the wheel rim in position with one hand so it does not roll. Place the tip of a measuring tape inside the bead set area at the top and measure to the bead set area at the bottom vertically on the rim exterior. The bead set area is inside of the outermost flange on the rim perimeter. This is the diameter of the wheel rim.

3. Place the tip of the measuring tape on top of the rim in the bead set area and stretch the tape to the opposite side of the bead set area. This is the width of the rim. The bead set area on the width of a rim is where the tire edges meet the rim inside the first flange.