Memorial Tattoo Ideas

Near your heart is always an appropriate place for a memorial tattoo.

A memorial tattoo can be a way of honoring a past love one and showing his impact on your life. It is a permanent way of reminding yourself and others in your life of those who are dead and gone. They can be done in a variety of colors and techniques, and as with any tattoo, they deserve much consideration before undergoing.


Portraits are the most straightforward memorial tattoos as they are simply a picture copied onto your skin, detail for detail. However, they are also one of the most difficult styles and should only be done by a very skilled artist. Traditional tattoos are black and gray, though color can be used to highlight certain features and give a more life-like appearance. A portrait tattoo should ideally be placed on a flat surface of your skin and might need to cover a large area in order to show all the detail.

Advice Script

Think of some advice or other sound byte synonymous with your passed loved one. chances are there are many, but try to choose the most meaningful. Depending on the length of the script — be it one word or several sentences — the tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body. Some fonts are more extravagant than others and may require more space to show adequate detail.

Personal Object

Get a seemingly random object tattooed, like a toy car or a certain tree, something that has significance for you and the person you are memorializing. It can be a simple or extravagant object so long as it signifies a personal bond between the two of you. These objects can be done in traditional black gray or color, depending on your preferences, and the space required is entirely dependent on the object being tattooed.

Dates and Initials

Important dates or your passed loved one’s initials can be added to any of the previous ideas or simply portrayed on their own. There are literally hundred of fonts and styles to choose from when considering a scripted tattoo, ranging from extremely simple to almost illegibly over-the-top. The size and location on your body is dependent on the detail and length of the script.