Modern Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Show some flair when decorating your baby boy’s nursery.

Teddy bears and puppies are common themes for baby boy nurseries, but these ideas can be a bit boring. Creative parents want something out of the ordinary for their baby-to-be. Your lifestyle isn’t dull, so your nursery design should show the same flair. Incorporate your taste into your baby boy’s room, and you’ll have a nursery you’ll love to syour friends and family. Does this Spark an idea?


If you’ve got a little biker boy coming, give him a motorized start in life with a motorcycle-themed nursery. Paint the crib in baby-safe candy colors, and stencil flames on the headboard and foot board. Print out pictures of classic bikes, and frame them to hang on the walls. Paint a dresser and changing table to match the crib, and toss black leather pillows onto the rocking chair.


Design a pirate bedroom for your little captain. Stain the crib in a warm wood tone to simulate the color of a sailing ship. Hang Jolly Roger flags and other ship insignia around the edge of the room. Turn an old chest into clothing storage, and sew little pirate hats onto stuffed toys to set on a shelf.


If your lifestyle is laid back and you’re into nature, incorporate the woodsy theme into your boy’s nursery. Paint the walls a soft green color, and stencil them with darker green maple and elm leaf shapes. Sew curtains in plaid flannel, and make matching sheets and comforters for the crib. Stain the crib in a dark wood, along with the dresser and changing table, and purchase realistic stuffed animals to pile in a corner.


Decorate a room for your future astronaut. Paint the walls and ceiling a deep blue, and stencil constellations on the ceiling in glow-in-the-dark paint. Buy or make a solar system mobile to hang over the crib. Make curtains in planet fabric, or create them in dark blue and applique planet shapes along the edges. Make moon- and star-shaped pillows to pile in a comfy rocking chair.