Modify Harleydavidson Sportster Mufflers

Modify Harley-Davidson Sportster Mufflers

The Harley-Davidson Sportster is the entry-level motorcycle for Harley-Davidson. Usually made with smaller engines, the Sportster is ideal for those learning and for those who want a motorcycle to get around town. One drawback to the Sportster is the fact that it is relatively quiet. Most Harley enthusiasts want a bit more growl out of their motorcycles. Fortunately for Sportster owners, you can quickly modify your mufflers to give you a louder exhaust note.


1. Locate the small nut on the bottom of each muffler on your Sportster. The nut secures the baffle to the inside of your muffler.

2. Remove the nut using a wrench.

3. Slide the metal blade of a long flat head screwdriver into the muffler and use it to drag the baffle out of the muffler.

4. Inspect the baffle for the mounting bolt that you removed the nut from. If the nut is not in the baffle, shine a flashlight into the muffler, locate the bolt and pull it out with the screwdriver. Removing the will increase the exhaust note.