Modify Pal Or Ntsc On A Ps3

Connect via single-pin RCA to display your PS3’s output in standard definition.

The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) video entertainment system is designed to be run in HD (“High Definition”), which obviates the need to specify either NTSC (the American television standard) or PAL (the standard in European countries) resolution. However, if you’re using the system in standard-definition, it’s still possible to choose which PAL or NTSC resolutions the console is outputting, depending on what your TV supports.


1. Navigate to the “Settings” menu of your PS3’s XMB (Cross-Media Bar), which is represented by a toolbox icon. Press “X.”

2. Select “Display Settings,” then “Video Output Settings.”

3. Select “Component,” “Composite” or “SCART,” depending on the type of connection you use to display the PS3 on your television.

4. Select “480i” for standard-definition NTSC display, or “576i” for PAL display. Select “Change” to confirm the setting.

5. Highlight “Standard,” and press “X.” If your television supports progressive-scan output (this will be specified in the set’s manual or on the back of the set), select “480p” or “576p” by highlighting the settings and pressing “X.” Choose “Widescreen” or “4:3,” depending on whether you own a widescreen television (most standard-definition sets are 4:3). Press “X” twice to save your settings.