Modify Stock Harley Exhaust

Modifying a stock Harley exhaust system is almost a way of life for Harley owners. They know that with a little hard work, they can take their bike and turn it into something completely distinctive. There are a few different ways owners can modify their hog.


1. Place pipes on the exhaust system to change the sound. Most stock Harley exhaust systems are actually fairly quiet and noiseless. Using pipes that are long and straight like those found at auto parts stores change the noise to sound louder and more aggressive.

2. Use chrome pipes to make the Harley look more impressive. There are a variety of different chrome pipes and pipes made out of different colored metals. They won’t change the performance of the bike, but they will make the exhaust look different.

3. Install designed exhaust pipes to change up the look of your bike. While you can choose chrome or another type of metal, you can also find specially designed exhaust pipes. There are even some that have red flames on the sides to mimic the look of the Harley logo.

4. Change the muffler itself to give your Harley a customized look. There are dozens of different mufflers available on the market, some with different colors or designs on the metal. They’ll give your bike a completely customized look with minimal work.

5. Add heat shields to your Harley if you make any changes to the exhaust system. The stock bike can easily handle the exhaust, but once you change the system, you need to protect your bike. Using heat shields will protect the bike and you can also get colored or specially designed ones that work with your new look.