Modify Vance & Hines Baffles

The end caps are clearly visible on these exhaust pipes.

You can shorten one of these baffles by cutting inches off the tail end with a hacksaw. You can drill holes in them vertically or horizontally. The idea of modifying any exhaust baffle is always to end up with less baffle, less back pressure, more roar and higher flow-through than when you started. But since you are starting with Vance & Hines mufflers it probably makes more sense to simply replace the baffles you have now. Vance & Hines sells performance and quiet baffles for most of its slip-on mufflers and exhaust systems. If you don’t like the Vance & Hines baffles, at least a dozen companies, including Cycle Shack, Freedom Performance and LA Choppers, sell motorcycle baffles that will fit.


1. Locate the Allen head baffle screw, about 2 inches in front of the muffler’s header pipe seam, on the bottom of each muffler.

2. Remove the baffle screws on both mufflers with an Allen wrench and save.

3. Remove any end caps or fishtails on the ends of your mufflers with your hands and, if necessary, with an Allen wrench.

4. Pull the baffles from both mufflers with your fingers or, if necessary, needle-nose vise grips.

5. Modify or replace the baffles.