Motorcycle Battery Removal

Motorcycle batteries are susceptible to low temperatures. In fact, temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit can cause them to freeze and crack, so if you do not intend to use your motorcycle for a period of two months or longer, it is recommended that you remove the battery altogether.


Motorcycle batteries are typically located beneath the motorcycle seat. They are usually seated on foam, rubber or other padding material and held in place by a rubber retaining strap.


Removal of the battery essentially involves removing the protective plastic cover, the retaining strap and the negative and positive cables and lifting the battery from the motorcycle. The negative (black) cable should be removed first and tucked out of the way to prevent shorting with the positive (red) cable.


Once you have removed the battery from your motorcycle, you should store it on a surface that does not conduct electricity, such as wood. Concrete or metal surfaces should be avoided, because they will cause the battery to discharge quicker.