Motorcycle Birthday Party Themes For Kids

Motorcycle-themed parties attempt to recreate the excitement of the bikes themselves.

Kids are often fascinated by speed, and few vehicles look as exciting to ride as motorcycles do. So some kids—especially young boys—will be after a birthday party themed around this interest. The problem is that kids can’t ride a motorcycle, so parents will have to get creative to produce a party that’s all about bikes while keeping things safe. Does this Spark an idea?

Harley-Davidson Theme

There are some famous motorcycle brands out there which kids will have heard of; Harley Davidson is probably the most notable of these. Organizing a party based around the legendary bike manufacturer isn’t too difficult if an adult can get hold of some Harley-Davidson-based merchandise. Branded motorcycle stickers and posters can turn any room into a Harley-Davidson paradise, and the stickers can be added to balloons and plates too. In terms of dress code, kids should be encouraged to wear leather jackets and shades; if kids have any clothing items with the Harley-Davidson logo on them, such as T-shirts, so much the better. The party food can vary, but one idea is to provide a barbecue with plenty of hot dogs, burgers and bread rolls; in other words, the kind of food seen at Harley-Davidson biker rallies around the country.

Repair Garage Theme

For mechanically minded kids, it could be that what appeals about big bikes is not riding the bike, but taking it apart and putting it back together again. Older kids with technical brains might enjoy a birthday party themed around the concept of a motorcycle repair shop. The party organizer can choose a few rooms in his house to seal off, which become part of a make-believe repair garage. These rooms can be filled with tools, mirrors, pieces of tire, and other items relating to motorcycles (but nothing that could be a potential danger to kids, of course). Kids can play at cleaning the place up within a certain time limit, or, if the party organizer owns a bike or knows someone who does, the kids could be treated to a demonstration or a tutorial on motorcycle repair.

Motorcycle Toys Theme

Kids might not be able to ride an actual motorcycle yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pretend with action figures and play sets based around big bikes. Plenty of toy companies–including Mattel, manufacturer of the “Hot Wheels” range and replica brand Moto-Mini–have produced motorcycle toys; also available are toys based around the motorcycles found in popular kids television shows and comics, such as “Batman.” Buy a selection of these or borrow them from parents to assemble a small collection.