Motorcycle Dealership Job Descriptions

Buy a motorcycle at your local dealership.

It may not seem like it from the consumer’s viewpoint, but motorcycle dealerships require many employees to keep them running smoothly. It’s a good deal more complicated than simply cashiers and mechanics. There are a myriad of support positions that help the mechanics and salespeople to do their work more quickly and easily. Professional motorcycle dealerships are intricate, well-oiled machines of service and consumerism.


One of the most important jobs in the dealership is the mechanic. Mechanics are responsible for completing bikes that get shipped from the factory, fixing customers’ bikes and testing bikes before they’re sold, and are arguably the lifeblood of a dealership. Mechanics receive professional training from trade schools and from the manufacturer. Ongoing education is provided to keep mechanics are up to date with the latest and greatest technology being used in their brands’ machines.


Porters function in part as the mechanics’ aides. They are primarily responsible for moving bikes into and out of the service area, storing the bikes properly and helping run parts in the larger dealerships. Porters may also be asked to wash and clean bikes that have been repaired, though many high volume dealerships have separate bike washers. Being a porter is a popular job choice for people still completing their mechanic’s certification.

Clothing and Accessory Sales

The sale of accessories and clothes that go with the motorcycle is essential to any good dealership. Riders will need helmets and protective clothing, and many desire fancier wheels or saddle bags. This is where the salespeople come in. Although there is no formal training or school, clothing salespeople become very skilled at helping customers find the best fit for their road clothes and the coolest accessories for their bikes.

Service Writers

Working in conjunction with the mechanics, service writers are the guys the customer talks to about a broken motorcycle. Service writers provide the interface between the customer and the mechanics, and provide the quotes for repair costs. Service writers are typically former mechanics who have grown tired of the actual wrenching or would like to move into a more administrative position.

Owners and Management

Essential to any well-run motorcycle dealership is the management. Dealerships are either owned by independent owners or are part of a larger network of dealerships owned by the same people. Managers are either brought in by the corporate office or simply hired and promoted from the local workforce. Management is responsible for running the dealership, from payroll and hiring to store layout and labor prices.