Motorcycle Diagnostic Tools

Keep your cycle running smoothly with the help of diagnostic tools.

A good set of motorcycle diagnostic tools are a must for a motorcycle rider. Diagnostic scans can pinpoint the exact problem and often makes it easier to fix motorcycles. Regular motorcycle diagnostic scans can also prevent problems before they occur.

Ignition System Testers

An ohmmeter or a voltmeter set to ohms is a good diagnostic tool for testing motorcycle ignition systems. These instruments measure the resistance of an electrical charge sent through a wire. On a motorcycle ignition coil, an ohmmeter detects the resistance between the low-tension wire and the ground and the resistance between the secondary wire and the ground. If the measurements don’t agree with the specs given in the manual, a bad coil might be the reason. A professional motorcycle ignition tester is also effective in pinpointing problems in your motorcycle ignition. It works on 2-cylinder, single cylinder, four-stroke and MSD pulse ignitions. A simple push of a button sets it for different test programs, and it also checks the tachometer.

Oil Level Indicators

An oil level switch is an excellent diagnostic tool for motorcycle owners. It alerts the rider with a LED light when the oil level is low. A Posse Fork oil level gauge measures oil levels from 0-300mm with a syringe that is inserted into the oil tank. It works for all conventional or inverted fork cycles. Oil level indicators have an indicator to show the oil level. Some of the newer motorcycles come with a dipstick or a window at the oil tank, making the oil check easier.

Diagnostic Tool Kits

A diagnostic tool kit for your motorcycle can save lots of time and trouble. The tools in the kit should be easy to set up and use, should work on your make of motorcycle and should be able to pinpoint most problems. A reference book of standard tests should be one of the items in the kit. Many of these kits include software that takes you through your trouble-shooting step-by-step. The kit might also include an oscilloscope, current clamps, crocodile clips and multi-meter probes. Some diagnostic kits include a scanner that reads live data from the battery, throttle angle, RPM and more, and has tools to adjust the idling and the throttle valve position sensor. More specialized kits include replacement hose kits, carburetor adapter sets, and general scanner sets that link your motorcycle‘s data to your computer.