Motorcycle Headlight Installation

Headlight installation is a necessary procedure for any motorcycle owner.

Motorcycle headlights, like all light bulbs, need to be replaced after extensive use. While different motorcycles use different bulb types and have different casings around them, the basic procedure for replacing a motorcycle headlight is the same across all models. Whether installing a brand-new bulb on a bike built from scratch or replacing an old one that burned out after years of use, headlight installation for all motorcycle models requires users to remove the casing to gain access to headlight unit and to install the new bulb in the socket.


1. Disconnect your motorcycle‘s battery.

2. Locate the headlight casing access point on your motorcycle. Unscrew the screws on both sides of your motorcycle’s headlight casing, and open the casing to reveal the motorcycle’s headlight unit.

3. Remove the bulb cover from the headlight unit and disconnect the multiplug coupler from the bulb retainer.

4. Detach the bulb retainer (usually by unscrewing it) and unscrew the old bulb, if present.

5. Screw the new headlight into the bulb socket. Reattach the bulb retainer, reconnect the multiplug coupler and replace the bulb cover.

6. Replace the headlight casing and secure it with the screws you removed earlier. Reconnect your motorcycle’s battery and test your new headlight.