Motorcycle Sidecar Options

There are many sidecar options available.

You no longer need to leave your friends and family behind when riding your motorcycle. With a motorcycle sidecar, you can start enjoying your ride with company. The sidecar you choose will depend on the make and model of your motorcycle and your personal style. There are many sidecar styles on the market, and you can find one that is right for your needs.

Velorex Sidecar

The Velorex is what is called a cruising sidecar. It’s one of the more affordable models with a starting price of around $2,500. The Velorex comes with a universal mount that fits any make or model of motorcycle and is available in three models: the 562 Cruiser, the 700 Cruiser and the 565 Cruiser.

California Sidecar

The most popular of the California Sidecars is the Friendship III. This sidecar has two-passenger bench seating and nine cubic feet of trunk storage. This roomy sidecar has customized installation hardware. Contact California Sidecar to confirm the make and model of your motorcycle is compatible with the Friendship III. The starting price for a Friendship III is around $3,000, as of December, 2010.

Cozy Sidecar

The Cozy Sidecar provides a more retro, stylized look to your motorcycle. The Cozy comes in two models, the Rocket and the Euro. The Cozy Euro is a replica of a classic Steib LS200 sidecar. The Euro fits one passenger and has a starting price of around $3,000. The Cozy Rocket is a sleek, solid steel sidecar. The Rocket fits one passenger and has a starting price of around $3,000, as of December, 2010. The Rocket and the Euro come with universal installation kits that fit most makes and models of motorcycles. The Cozy is manufactured in India and you will need to contact a domestic distributor to purchase one in the United States.