Motorcycle Theme Birthday Parties

Motorcycle Theme Birthday Parties

A motorcycle theme birthday party is a great way to host an event where the motorcycle is the main focus of the overall party style. This type of party is a hit among people in all age groups, but keep in mind that small changes need to be made to accommodate each group so that the theme remains age appropriate. Does this Spark an idea?


Transforming the party area to resemble a biker bar or motorcycle atmosphere is a great way to show guests that this is a true motorcycle birthday party. Motorcycles can fall under a broad range of types, styles and sizes, from the traditional road bound motorcycles, such as a roadster or a chopper, to off road racing and dirt bikes. Asking the guest of honor what type of motorcycle he would like to include in the party theme is beneficial in making the event a memorable one. Keeping up with the overall motorcycle theme is a good decorating foundation for all age groups and can later be adjusted accordingly if desired. When sending out invitations, encourage guests to wear their favorite motorcycle ensembles, such as leather vests, motorcycle caps, chaps, biker boots and helmets.


Consider the age group attending the birthday party. If it is for a child under the age of 12, he may enjoy more motorcycle toys to be implemented into the theme as well as paper plates and banners that showcase motorcycles. The teenage birthday recipient may enjoy more of the sporty aspect of the motorcycle spectrum–the more off road and racing style motorcycle theme, such as Suzuki dirt bikes as opposed to the Harley-Davidson look. A biker bar reenactment works best for someone over the age of 21.


Fill treat bags with rub on tattoos, compass key chains, small wallets with a belt chain, bandanas and sunglasses. Hang helium filled balloons with motorcycles on them throughout the party area. Have bar stools and tables set up. Play some vintage rock and roll music in the background. Hang colorful outdoor lights and string them from the ceiling. Display motorcycle posters and signs throughout the party area to create a festive backdrop. Play party games that involve motorcycle history and trivia and use this as a way to entertain guests. Poker is a popular card game among bikers, but may fit in more with the adult age group. A motorcycled shaped piñata is also a fun game for guests of all ages. You can fill it with scrumptious candies and small motorcycle shaped toys. Keep food simple by setting up a buffet, such as a taco bar or even a sandwich bar where guests can create their own sandwiches. You could also serve traditional biker bar food, such as hot wings and barbecue ribs. For younger guests, small finger foods such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots with dip and juice boxes may be a wise choice. Order a motorcycle shaped birthday cake to serve for dessert at the end of the party, so that guests can enjoy a slice of cake while the guest of honor opens birthday presents.


When choosing a motorcycle theme birthday party, the host needs to decide on what type of party will be implemented–a specific commercialized motorcycle style or several mismatched generic styles. Commercialized styles, such as Harley-Davidson or American Choppers, which makes custom designed bikes, are quite popular in the retail party supply circuit. You can find American Chopper birthday decorations and table settings at various party supply websites. For a more generic theme, you can decorate with plastic motorcycle toys as centerpieces or table accents, and hang motorcycle themed birthday banners across the entry way as well.


One of the main benefits to hosting a motorcycle theme birthday party is to keep guests entertained and satisfied while highlighting the interests of the guest of honor. Guests who choose to play cards, such as poker, can compete for cash or inexpensive prizes. Be sure to take several pictures throughout the party, such as of the guests’ motorcycle costumes, when the presents are being opened and also when the motorcycle themed party games are being played. This is a great way to preserve the memories of the birthday party and also to create a motorcycle themed scrapbook at a later time. Keeping the party simple and asking for help from volunteers when it comes time to set up for the party is an added benefit for the host so that he can enjoy the party as well as interact more with the guests.