Motorcycle Theme Wedding Gifts

Give motorbike-loving newlyweds matching cycle helmets.

If you’re buying a wedding gift for two bikers who love the open road, give them something with a motorcycle theme. They may live on their bikes, be avid motorcycle buffs or have spent their first date on a Harley. Whether they’ll be roaring off into the sunset on a bike built for two or just spending casual Sundays riding side-by-side, a motorcycle gift will show the couple that you know who they are — and you love them for it.


There are three different types of motorcycle intercoms available: acoustic and wired intercoms for people on the same bike and wireless intercoms for either two passengers on the same bike or bike-to-bike communication. Choose a unit that is waterproof (in case they are riding in the rain) and voice-activated so that it won’t transmit road noise when no one is talking. You can even find systems that will hook up to MP3 players, radios or voice-activated GPS units.


If you know exactly what types and sizes of helmets the bride and groom prefer, buy them a new set in a matching color. Be certain that the helmet you buy meets Federal Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) standards; there should be a D.O.T. sticker on the back of the helmet if it is certified. If you aren’t sure what to buy, give the couple a gift certificate to their favorite bike store so that they can pick out their helmets together.


Leather cycling clothes do more than just look cool — they add a layer of protection against wind, cold and the dreaded “road rash” (skin scraped off on the pavement). Buy the happy couple his and hers leather motorcycle jackets, pants, chaps (which are removable leather “aprons” that strap around regular pant legs), gloves and boots.


If you are in the mood to splurge, possibly the ultimate motorcycle gift for a couple is a sidecar. Ask around; the local bike shop is a good place to find out about local manufacturers and installers, and other bikers will have even more information. Again, be sure to do your research first — not every sidecar will fit every motorcycle, and not every mechanic can install them.