Motorcycle Tools To Build Harleys

A line of customized Harleys, each one reflecting its owner’s individual style.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are commonly customized. Harley-Davidson USA offers a wide selection of custom parts. Aftermarket parts companies also offer a huge number of Harley parts, with some selling parts for Harleys exclusively. Special tools will make Harley builds go smoothly. Most of these tools are available directly from Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle Lift Table

This is a must have for a shop that builds a lot of Harleys. The lift table lowers to ground level for easy mounting of the motorcycle. These tables have a vise at the front that holds the front wheel, preventing the motorcycle from falling over. Many mechanics use securing straps to also hold the motorcycle. Once the motorcycle is secure, the table rises easily to a comfortable work height.

Motorcycle Engine Stand

This is similar to an automotive engine stand except it is designed to hold a V-twin Harley engine. These stands can be mounted to a workbench, greatly simplifying the task of working on a V-twin that has been removed from the frame.

Soft Tail Spring Compressor

The spring used on the Soft Tail models can be difficult to remove. If improperly disassembled, the spring can leave the shock body with some force. The spring compressor safely allows the shock and spring to be safely disassembled.

Cam Tool

This tool allows the mechanic to remove the camshaft gear on the Harley V-twin without losing its index with the camshaft. This allows aftermarket camshafts to be installed and indexed properly by relocating the camshaft gear in the proper place on the new camshaft.