Motorcycles That Are Used By The Military & Policemen

Motorcycles are often the fastest and most efficient mode of transportation.

Motorcycles have been used in the military since World War II and in police forces since the early 20th century. Countries such as Germany, Japan and the United States fashioned powerful, efficient models while trading ideas amongst each other. This trading of ideas inspired gradual improvements in function, appearance and speed. Today, Harley Davidson, BMW and Kowasaki remain some of the most popular motorcycle suppliers to military servicemen and police.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a widely recognized motorcycle name, both for personal use and use by the military and police. The U.S. Army used Harley Davidson XA-750 motorcycles in World War II. These motorcycles were nicknamed the “45” and gained popularity among both the military and civilians during the war. American Harley Davidson riders were so impressed by the German BMWs, however, that they had Harleys remodeled after the BMWs features. Harley Davidson Sportsters are popularly used today by U.S. police.


BMW motorcycles have been used by military and police since at least World War II. In “Military and Police Motorcycles”, author Joseph Berk names the BMW R1100 RT-Pa as the most advanced military and police motorcycle of its time. Today, this same BMW motorcycle is used by highway patrol all over the states, including the Highway Patrol of California and police in Hong Kong, Sweden and Belgium, among other countries. BMW police motorcycles deliver a large body for comfort, antiskid brakes, storage space, an 1100 cc twin cylinder engine and conventional police lighting.


Police in the United States have used Kawasaki motorcycles since 1973, as stated in “Military and Police Motorcycles.” The Kawasaki KZ-900 is the best known Kawasaki police motorcycle, and was most popularly used in states west of the Mississippi in the early 70s and 80s. These motorcycles are cheaper than Harley Davidsons, provide less power and space, and have a much lower resale value. Kawasaki Police 1000s are the most widely used Kawasaki motorcycles in the police force today.