Mount A Gps On A Motorcycle

GPS. or Global Positioning Systems, are not only for cars; they can also be installed in motorcycles. There is no reason that a motorcycle rider should not have the convenience and the security of an interactive navigational system. When you are installing a GPS on your motorcycle, you have to make sure that the device can withstand the bumping and jarring during the ride.


1. Park your motorcycle on a flat surface out of the way of traffic. Gather together all your tools for installing the GPS and keep them near you.

2. Line up the mount and the caddy plates so that the screw holes are aligned. Place the tilt plate under the mount and make sure that it is aligned with the screw holes from the mount and caddy plates.

3. Use the screws that came with the mounting kit and join the caddy, mount and tilt plates. Align the cradle that came with the GPS and match up the holes with the top and bottom of the mounting plate. Some models have two screws, while some have four screws. At least one screw should be on top and one at the bottom.

4. Screw the cradle onto the mounting plate, using the screws that came with the GPS and tighten the screws.

5. Screw in the security screw across the top of the bracket. Lay the cradle assembly with the tilt plate touching the bracket on the handlebar.

6. Put the GPS in the cradle. Adjust it using your thumbs. It may be stiff at first, so you might have to swivel it a few times to get it in the position you want.