Mount A Harleydavidson Engine Guard

Engine guards provide some protection against a low-speed fall.

Engine guards are a common accessory found on many Harley-Davidson motorcycles, affording a small amount of protection to the sensitive motor and enhancing the motorcycle’s appearance. There are many different engine guard variations available to the Harley rider, but most use a tubular steel bar design that bolts directly onto existing mounting points found on the frames of many Harley-Davidson models. For the most part, installation is fairly straightforward, but some engine guard kits can be a bit more complicated than others.


1. Hold the engine guard against the front of the frame. Center the engine guard’s upper mounting bracket between the frame’s tubes below the motorcycle’s steering head, which is the tube that the front fork pivots on. Loosely bolt the bracket onto the frame, using a socket wrench and a bolt supplied with the engine guard kit.

2. Align the bottom of the engine guard against the frame. Secure the sides of the engine guard to the bottom of the frame, using the U-bolt or clamp included with the engine guard kit. Tighten the U-bolts or clamps loosely, using a socket wrench.

3. Turn the handlebars from side to side to ensure that the engine guard does not prevent the fork from moving freely. Loosen the lower mounting clamps or U-bolts and reposition the engine guard if the fork touches it.

4. Tighten all three mounting bolts or clamps completely, using a socket wrench, starting with the upper mounting bolt.

5. Clean the engine guard with an ammonia-based window cleaner to remove any fingerprints or oil. Dry the engine guard with a clean shop towel.