Mount A Satellite Radio On A Motorcycle

Before buying a motorcycle satellite radio, decide which of two kinds you want for the motorcycle. A strap-on radio, also used on bicycles, is mounted on a strap that clamps to the handlebar and is powered by AA or AAA batteries. A screw-on radio is typically installed on the motorcycle’s front console and comes with all the necessary mounting accessories.


1. Find a suitable location on the motorcycle to mount the radio. It must be far away from the engine so the heat does not damage the device, but close to the battery for the radio wiring. The preferred place is on the front console.

2. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the front console cover. Remove the console cover by pulling it at the seam on the edges.

3. Use a pencil to mark the wiring hole on the front side of the console cover for the radio. Drill the hole using the electric drill.

4. Pass the radio wiring through the holes on the console cover with the front of the cover facing you.

5. Locate the electrical bus, also called the machine bus, in the front console. This is a small metal box to which all the electronics are wired, including the signal lights and the horn.

6. Release the latch on the electrical bus cover to open it.

7. Read the motorcycle’s owner manual for the wiring diagram and the terminals in the electrical bus.

8. Using the solder, weld the red wire of the radio to the positive terminal on the electrical bus.

9. Using the solder, secure the black wire of the radio to the negative terminal on the electrical bus. The other ends of both the wires are pre-installed on the radio.

10. Insert the radio’s circuit breaker into one of the empty breaker slots in the electrical bus. Close the electrical bus cover and lock it with its latch.

11. Neatly tuck the radio wiring in the front console. Replace the front console cover.

12. Mark the mounting holes using a pencil for the radio’s bracket on the front console. The mounting location should not obstruct the instrument panel and other important switches.

13. Drill the mounting holes using the electric driller. Install the bracket per manufacturer’s instructions. Mount the radio on the installed bracket.

14. Start the motorcycle. Turn on the radio for testing to make sure it is working as expected.