Mount A Sidecar

A sidecar serves as extra seating on a motorcycle.

A sidecar is an attachment for carrying passengers that connects to the frame of a motorcycle. Using a sidecar on your bike allows you to transport passengers safely, without having to sit them on the seat behind you. In order to maintain the integrity of the sidecar’s ride, you need to mount it to your bike so it becomes a firm and secure part of the bike. Leave plenty of time before you want to transport someone in your sidecar so you can ensure a proper fit.


1. Pump up the tires on both your bike and the sidecar and make sure that the ground you are working on is flat and level.

2. Have a friend hold the bike so it is standing vertically upward and attach the brackets for the sidecar onto the motorcycle frame. You may have to relocate some of the electrical wiring on your bike to accommodate the brackets.

3. Lift the sidecar and align the brackets with the mounting system on the sidecar. You may need a second friend to help you lift the sidecar into place.

4. Make sure that the axel on the sidecar wheel is eight inches to 14 inches ahead of the rear bike wheel axel. The sidecar also needs to be perfectly level.

5. Lay a two-by-four along the opposite side of the bike from where the sidecar is attached. The wood should be perfectly parallel to the bike’s wheels.

6. Straighten out the wheels of the bike until they are in line and completely parallel to the wood. Lay another two-by-four along the sidecar in the same parallel way. Use a level to check that the two-by-fours are equally spaced.

7. Make sure the sidecar frame is still straight and level. Tighten down the mounting brackets and connect the wiring included with the sidecar.