Mount Foot Pegs On A Harleydavidson Motorcycle

Adding a set of forward foot pegs on your Harley Davidson is a great way to reduce leg fatigue and increase rider comfort on long hauls. Foot pegs are available in a variety of designs, colors and finishes and they mount on the engine guards for easy installation. Read on to learn mount foot pegs on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


1. Determine the diameter of your engine guard tubing. If you don’t know the diameter, you can use a dial gauge or, if one isn’t handy, a piece of stiff cardboard with cuts made in the edge at intervals of one-eighth of an inch. Simply fold the flaps down on the cardboard until you find a gap that fits around your tubing.

2. Find a set of foot pegs that will fit the diameter of your engine guard. These are readily available from Harley Davidson retailers and many online stores. Kuryakyn and JP Cycles are excellent online retailers and carry a wide variety of foot pegs.

3. Decide where you are going to mount your foot pegs. The most common placement is just above the lower bend on the outside of the engine guard, but the length of your legs will ultimately determine where you need to put them.

4. Unscrew the bolt in the hinged clamp. Open the clamp and place it around the engine guard tubing. The foot peg should be perpendicular to the engine guard now.

5. Replace the bolt through the clamp and tighten it. Take a seat and see how it feels. If it feels awkward, try a few other positions until you find one that feels natural.