Mount Harley Saddlebags

Saddlebags are a popular after-market option for motorcycle enthusiasts.

For true motorcycle enthusiasts, owning a Harley Davidson can sometimes seem almost like a necessity. A true American tradition, Harley Davidson has been around for over a hundred years, and in addition to the bikes themselves, Harley also sells motorcycle accessories like saddlebags. Many of these after-market items are easy for even a novice to install.


1. Determine what type of saddlebags you want to install on your motorcycle. Saddlebags come in both hard and soft styles. Both styles are essentially installed in the same way. While the hard saddlebags offer more protection and security, they also are bulky. Soft saddlebags offer less protection but have a greater flexibility

2. Clean your fender bolt area to ready it for installation of your saddlebags. On Harley Davidsons, the saddlebags are installed on the rear of the bike over the fender bolt area. Clear this area of dirt or grime in order to keep it free of scratches and blemishes.

3. Install any spacers or lifting brackets before placing your saddlebags in your motorcycle. Spacers are used to prevent the saddlebags from resting against the exhaust pipes. They also help avoid any damage to the motorcycle . The spacers and lifting brackets need to be installed tightly and need to be properly spaced before mounting your bags.

4. Open the packaging for the saddlebag and lay out any included hardware carefully. You will use the hardware to properly mount your saddlebags to your fenders, so do not lose it. The saddlebag kit may come with a fender mounting bracket. If so, install it along the fender at this time. The fender mounting bracket holds and stabilizes your saddlebags. Make certain that the brackets are properly tightened and installed.

5. Align the bolt holes in the saddle bag to the bolt area on the fender by holding the saddle bag up to the fender. There will be mounting holes in the saddle bag that will align with the mounting bracket. Put the bolt in position and tighten them securely after they are aligned correctly. Do this to both sides in the same manner.

6. Take your Harley Davidson for a short ride. Stop several times to check the fitting and the bolts on the saddlebags. Make certain that nothing moved during the ride and that the fittings are still tight.