Mount Saddlebags On A Harleydavidson

There are lots of different saddlebags that you can mount on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, ranging from hard shell to soft leather. Each type of saddlebag uses its own style of bolt and fasteners, but you will find that the process for attaching each style of bag is relatively the same. The job is fairly simple, but remember that installing saddlebags on your Harley-Davidson requires that you make permanent modifications to the bike.


1. Have a helper hold the saddlebag against the side of the rear fender. Position the saddlebag level and in the center of the fender.

2. Mark the mounting holes in the saddlebag onto the fender with a black marker. Place the saddlebag off to the side.

3. Drill holes in the fender with a drill and drill bit. Make sure you do not go too far through the backside of the fender or you will puncture your rear tire.

4. Place the bolts through the backside of the fender so the bolt heads are between the fender and the tire.

5. Place the saddlebag onto the bolts protruding from the fender. In some cases, your saddlebag has thick rubber washers that go between the fender and the saddlebag. If this is the case, slide the washers onto the bolts before you put the saddlebag onto the bolts.

6. Secure the bolt heads with a wrench. Thread the nuts onto the bolts and tighten them with a second wrench.