Mount Soft Saddle Bags On A Harleydavidson Road King

Some motorcycles come with saddlebags, which provide space for storage on the bike. The Harley-Davidson Road King does not include saddle bags, but installing them yourself is an option. Throw-over saddlebags are an easy installation compartment that allows the quick addition of carrying space to your Harley-Davidson. It is also one of the cheapest aftermarket methods of adding storage to your motorcycle.


1. Remove the screws securing the seat to the bike frame. This is required for most bikes but not all models. If the model of bike requires the seat to be removed, you can locate the screws in the rear of the seat. Not all models of bikes are the same; if you have difficulty locating your screws or removing your seat, consult your owner’s manual for assistance.

2. Measure and align your yoke, which is the portion of the bags that will sit beneath the seat. Untie this section before installing it onto your bike. Marking the yoke may help to keep your measurements proper for the actual installation.

3. Position the saddlebag across the rear fender and secure it to the frame rail. Make sure that the bags will be kept well away from the wheels, turn signals and exhaust pipes of the bike as this will affect your ability to drive. Adjust your saddlebag’s straps so that the bags hang further apart then your fenders width.

4. Replace your bike seat. Be sure to secure the seat tightly to the frame. The seat will be what holds your saddlebags properly in place and keeps them from moving. Fasten your screws tightly but do not overturn your screws as this may make it difficult to remove the seat and saddlebags with a manual screwdriver should you need to do so in the future.