Mount Soft Saddlebags For A Sportster

The Sportster is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle designed for agility and power. Harleys are also designed to be easy to ride for long distances, so there are several options available to accommodate traveling. One of the options is mounting saddlebags on the bike. Saddlebags are a convenient and simple way to carry the things you need from here to there. Mounting them is not difficult, and all you need is a screwdriver.


1. Unscrew the seat from the motorcycle. The screw on a Sportster is usually at the rear of the seat.

2. Unlace the saddlebag yoke. This is where the saddlebags actually attach to each other. It is also the space that fits beneath the seat.

3. Lay the yoke of both saddlebags over the area above the shocks. Lace them back together around any support hardware for the seat. Make sure they do not come in contact with any moving parts. Adjust the laces if the saddlebags do touch the wheels, the chain or any other moving parts.

4. Tie the lower end of the soft bags to the bottoms of the shocks with an inch of slack. The shocks are the parts with the spring that extend from the body of the bike to the wheel axle.