Mount The Windshield On My Harley Davidson Softtail

If you are taking your Harley Davidson Softail on a road trip, adding a windshield can pay huge dividends in making the ride more comfortable and reducing fatigue. On a road trip, wind fatigue can be a factor in your ability to stay on your Harley for long periods of time. Having a windshield between you and the wind can make the trip less tiring. Mounting a Harley windshield is fairly easy, and the installation kit comes with all the necessary parts, including flat and thick washers, mushroom screws, buttonhead screws, rubber bushings and a front panel strip.


1. Locate the mounting holes on the side of the front forks next to the head lamp. Line up and place the panel strip against the holes on the front forks. Starting at the top and working out from the forks, insert a mushroom screw through a flat washer, a rubber bushing and a thick washer and hand-tighten. Snug the screw with either the socket wrench or the Allen wrench, as appropriate. Repeat the process on the bottom hole using a buttonhead screw. Torque the screws to 96 in.-lbs. Repeat the process on the other side.

2. Grab the windshield firmly on the left and right side. Lower the windshield into the grooves between the rubber bushings on both sides of the fork assembly and and lock it in place. Pivot the windshield toward the rear of the bike until the jaws on the windshield assembly lock onto the upper rubber mounting bushings. Press the windshield firmly into place.

3. Test ride the motorcycle to make sure the windshield is secure. The wind hitting the windshield actually helps hold it in place. If the windshield rattles or moves, make any final adjustments after you get home.