Mount Tires On A Harley Davison

Motorcycle tires that are not mounted correctly may cause accidents.

The Harley Davidson company was founded by William Davidson and Arthur Harley in 1903 and since has been one of the leaders in motorcycle production. Keeping tires properly inflated, checking tires frequently and looking closely for problems after riding over hazards are all part of keeping your Harley Davidson running smoothly. Even the best cared for Harleys will occasionally need a tire change. When doing repairs to your Harley, you will need to know mount the tires on your motorcycle.


1. Put your motorcycle on a lift. Use the jack to lift it until you can work comfortably on the tires. Lock the lift in place on all sides.

2. Remove the old tire. Use the hex wrench to loosen the mounting fasteners that hold the wheels on the brake pads. Remove the nut in the wheel axle using a ratchet wrench. Let the air out from the tire and remove the wheel.

3. Deflate the new tire with the valve core tool. Then place the wheel on the changing stand.

4. Push the two tire beads together by pulling the tire to one side as far as you possibly can. Push the beads in place in the narrowest part of the rim.

5. Tuck a tire iron into the loose space between the bead and rim. Stick another tire iron 4 inches away from the first one between the bead and rim. Bring the bead up and over the rim. Keep adding tire irons until you can get one side of the tire off the rim completely. Repeat this to get the other side of the tire off the rim.

6. Remove the tube from within the tire. Should you have a tubeless tire, take off the valve stem.

7. Clean the areas around the valve stem and bead with all-purpose tire spray cleaner and rags. Use rust remover to get rid of any rust around the rim.

8. Install a brand new valve stem if you have a tubeless tire. Look for the yellow dot that will indicate where the new valve stem should go.

9. Add a little air into the tube if you are using a tire with a tube. You have to add just enough to make sure the tube is not twisted. Insert the tube into the tire.

10. Push the bead on the bottom with your hands. Gently install the rest of the tire on to the rim using the tire irons.

11. Push the bead on top of the rim with your hands and gently install the rest of the tire onto the rim. Take care not to squeeze the tube tightly if you are using attire with a tube.

12. Tighten the bead strap around the tire making sure the bead spreads. Add air to the tire and release the bead strap at the same time. Check to see that the tire is placed evenly over the rim. Place the tire in soapy water to be sure that there is no air escaping.

13. Lace the wheel back on the bike by using the break ads as a guide. Slide the wheel on gently keeping it as straight as possible. Gently pry the break pads if you need to.

14. Locate the pulley and gently hand the drive belt on it. Gradually lower the lift. This will cause the swing arm adjusters to align with the wheel so you can replace the axle. Adjust the wheel in its correct place.

15. Apply some anti-seize lubricant to the axle and insert it back into place. Tighten the nut with your ratchet wrench. Tighten and adjust the belt tensioners. Check the tension with a gauge and if it is correct, lock it in place. If it is not correct, adjust until it is and then lock it in place. Once it is locked, put in a new cotter pin. Bring the lift down and remove the bike. Make sure everything is locked down tightly.