Mounting Instructions For A Harley Sidecar 1994

Mount an iconic sidecar to your 1994 Harley.

You can add stability, passenger and storage space to your 1994 Harley motorcycle by installing a sidecar. With a sidecar, you may be able to talk a skittish person in your life into finally going for a ride. Unfortunately, the Harley Davidson company exited the sidecar business after the success of their three-wheeled model. They no longer manufacture Harley specific sidecar parts, but you can still mount a sidecar with a third-party universal installation kit.


1. Lay the pieces of the universal mounting kit on a work space. Remove all nuts, bolts and lockwashers from the U-clamps with your fingers. Remove the spacer blocks from inside each U-clamp and set aside everything you just removed.

2. Mark the four U-clamp attachment points on the frame of your bike with small pieces of tape. The location of the attachment points depends on the type of frame your 1994 Harley has. A picture showing the various acceptable attachment points can be found here:

3. Install the four U-clamps, one-by-one, on the tape marks. Slide the open end of the U-clamp over the top-front of the frame bar. Insert the spacer block and fasten it into place with two bolts and the appropriate socket wrench.

4. Use the appropriate socket wrench to drive the eyebolt through the spacer block and tighten it against the frame. Push and pull on the U-clamp assembly. Unfasten the eyebolt if the assembly is loose. Place the large shim between the frame and the eyebolt and refasten.

5. Loosen the two holding bolts on the front end of your sidecar with the appropriate socket wrench. Slide the curved bar into the frame of the sidecar. Loosely thread the two holding bolts back into place so they do not obstruct the swing of the curve bar.

6. Find the sliding clamp attachment port on the rear part of your sidecar’s frame. Use your fingers to attach the slid clamp with bolts, nuts and lockwashers. You don’t want the slide clamp attached tightly at this time.

7. Place the spacer sleeve on the slide clamp eyebolt. Install the eyebolt assembly with a nut and tighten with the appropriate socket wrench.

8. Use your socket wrench to remove the eyebolts from the two long struts. Finger-tighten the eyebolts into the splines on the sidecar frame. Finger-tighten nuts onto the eyebolts.

9. Use bricks or wooden boards to prop your motorcycle up on flat ground. Position the side car to the right of the bike. The frame of the sidecar should be no more than 2 inches from the frame of the Harley.

10. Fit the clevis adjusting bolts of the struts and curve bar on the side car to the eyebolts on the four U-clamps attached to the bike. Secure the bolts with nuts and a socket wrench. Fasten all finger-tightened bolts and nuts with a socket wrench.