Move A Virtual Girl To Another Computer

Transport your virtual girl to any computer with a USB flash drive.

Virtual Girl is a Windows-based novelty program that places the moving image of a woman in the lower corner of your desktop. The actress works through a provocative dance, typically culminating with the removal of her clothes. If you have downloaded Virtual Girl to your computer but have recently upgraded to a new system you may want the girl to travel with you to the new computer.


1. Insert the USB flash drive into any available USB port on the computer.

2. Click “Start,” “Computer” and double-click the removable-device icon. A window with all the files saved to the flash drive appears on the screen. Leave this window open for the time being.

3. Double-click “My Documents” and open “My Downloads” (or whatever the default download folder is on your computer).

4. Locate the Virtual Girl download folder and click and drag it to the open USB flash drive window. A progress bar appears, displaying the amount of time left to complete the file transfer.

5. Close the open windows once the file transfer has finished, then right-click the removable-device icon and select “Eject” from the pull-down window. Once the icon disappears you may disconnect the flash drive from the computer.

6. Insert the USB flash drive into the new computer and open the removable-device window. Double-click the Virtual Girl folder to launch the installation wizard. Follow the brief prompts to install the girl to the new computer system.