Move My Aperture 3 Library To An External Hd

Upgrading to a new Mac computer doesn’t have to be a hassle, as the Aperture 3 software collects projects, albums and folders in your current Aperture library and exports the new library as a single file for simple transferring. The exported Aperture library can be moved to an external hard drive as a backup, which is restorable in the event your original library is damaged and is unrecoverable.


1. Launch Aperture on your Macintosh computer, and hold down the “Shift” key on your keyboard.

2. Click all of the files in your library, and release the “Shift” key. Click “File” at the top of Aperture, and click “Export.”

3. Click “Items as New Library” and name the library. Connect the USB cable into the USB port on your external hard drive and your Mac computer.

4. Click the Location drop-down menu in the dialog box, and click the external hard drive in the menu.

5. Click the checkbox next to “Include Previews in exported library”, and click the “Show alert when finished” checkbox if you want to be notified when the exporting process is complete.

6. Click “Export” to move the library to the external drive. Close the Aperture application when the exporting transfer finishes. Drag and drop the external hard drive’s volume icon to the trash on your desktop to disconnect the drive.