Move Plate Glass

Moving stained glass windows requires particular care.

Moving plate glass can be an extremely hazardous activity. If you’re unprepared and haven’t planned how you’re going to execute the move, you risk serious personal injury not to mention the financial loss you’ll suffer if the plate glass shatters. Investing a little time to ensure that you have the right tools for the job and know move the glass correctly could save you a trip to the emergency room and a considerable amount of money. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Plan the route you’re going to take to get the glass to your truck before attempting to move it. Make sure that the path you plan is free of obstacles and that the glass will easily clear through any doors and around corners. Park your vehicle as near to the glass as possible and prepare the inside by clearing a space. You’ll need to place the glass at a slight angle against the side of your truck. Place a blanket on the floor of your truck where you plan to place the glass.

2. Put on your gloves and move the glass onto to a bench or table with your helper so as half of it is overhanging.

3. Pivot the glass into an upright position with the bottom still resting on the table or bench.

4. Raise the glass off of the table or bench. Take one end of the glass each with your helper using one hand to support the bottom of the glass and the other to steady its weight.

5. Carry the glass slowly and with care to the truck. Keep and eye on the path you’re taking and maintain awareness of the position of your helper. If either of you begin to struggle with the weight of the glass or need to readjust your grip, slowly lower the it to the ground and reposition yourself.

6. Rest one end of the glass on the blanket in the truck and slowly slide it in. Place another blanket over the top of the glass that will rest against the side of the truck at a slight angle. Then tie it in place with the rope.

7. Position the block of wood at the base of the glass to prevent movement while travelling.

8. Drive the truck slowly to your destination, taking care to avoid any holes on the road or sudden braking.

9. Untie the glass when you’ve arrived at your destination and remove it from the van with your helper. Carry it in the same fashion as you did when loading.

10. Lay a blanket on the floor next to a wall once you have the glass inside and carefully lower it at an angle.