Movie Theaters In Cody Wyoming

Cody has a multiplex to show a choice of movies.

Big Horn Cinemas is a movie theater multiplex serving the whole of Cody, Wyoming. The Big Horn was preceded by the Cody Theatre, which is an art deco-styled building and was a vintage movie theater with a single screen. It showed movies from 1936 until 2008. The Cody Theatre was renovated and is now a live theater.

The Multiplex

Big Horn Cinemas is on Big Horn Avenue, in the northeast region of Cody. It has four big screens to show a choice of movies in Dolby Digital sound. It seats 600 moviegoers. The cinema is owned by an independent film chain. The box office opens daily 30 minutes before the first screening.

The Screenings

The Big Horn offers first-run movies to provide Cody with a popular selection of Hollywood’s latest. Movie trailers can be viewed on the cinema’s website, which gives a taste of the films coming soon to the movie theater. On average, two to four screenings are scheduled each day per movie.

The Prices

Staggered prices are available. Adult tickets are $7 for matinees and priced at a dollar extra for peak time movies as of 2011. Children ages 11 and under and customers over 60 pay $6. Tickets for 3-D movies are an additional $3.

The Extras

Refreshments of soda, candy and popcorn are served at the movie theater with prices ranging from $2.50 to $4. The minimum gift card available is $10. All gift cards can be redeemed for cinema tickets and refreshments.