Mural Ideas For A Bathroom

Murals can be a creative alternative to traditional paint or wallpaper.

Murals can add a lot to the decor of a room. They can be small or cover entire walls. When it comes to bathroom decor, a lot of designers find the room particularly exciting as many people like to make bolder decorating choices than they would with other rooms. Therefore, bathroom murals tend to be more daring than murals created for the other rooms of a home. Does this Spark an idea?

Sophisticated and Elegant

Period scenes, such as those of ancient Egypt or Rome, can add a unique feeling and can work as a base for the entire bathroom theme. Many scenery murals can also add an aura of sophistication. Some possibilities for this are the rolling hills of Tuscany or the sand dunes of the Sahara desert. Faux natural stone finishes can be very subtle or pronounced. Popular stones depicted on murals include red brick and marble. For those too timid to commit to a full-sized wall mural, a subdued option for a bathroom is a tile mural. These murals can be designed to cover all of the tiles or just a small portion.

Playful and Fun

Full wall-size murals can add a youthful and cheery feeling to a child’s bathroom decor. This could be a fanciful seascape filled with creatures of the sea like mermaids and dolphins. A seascape could even have a night theme with pirate ships and bold, crashing waves. Things commonly found in bathrooms, such as floaty bubbles or falling water droplets, can also work with the decor of a bathroom designed for a child or an adult. Other playful print ideas include sea creatures, flowers and rubber ducks.

Natural and Calming

Natural murals can be very calming. This makes them very appropriate for bathroom decor as many people desire to create a bathroom with an ambience that is very relaxing. The environment provides a lot of options when it comes to color possibilities. On the light side, clouds, water and-for a quirky look-snow can be especially fitting in a bathroom with a hot jetted tub and/or a forest theme. On the bright and colorful side are murals featuring a waterfall, rain forest or an English garden. Dark mural options include simple nighttime skies or a highly detailed nighttime forest complete with an illuminated castle, fire-breathing dragons, knights and princesses.