Music To Zune Hd

Although it has many other features, the Zune HD is primarily a portable music player. With its high-definition touchscreen and intuitive user interface, the Zune HD is simple to use. The Zune software complements the Zune HD device; it is easy to store and organize your music collection. Adding songs to your Zune HD is a simple task that takes little time and offers flexibility in choosing which songs you want to transfer.


Add Your Music to the Zune Software Library

1. Connect your Zune HD to your PC using the supplied USB cable. The Zune software should start automatically. If it doesn’t, open it from your Windows Start menu.

2. Click “Settings” in the menu bar in the top-right corner of the Zune software window.

3. Choose “Collection” from the top of the menu on the left-hand side of the Settings screen. Click the “Add Folder” button in the “Music” section here. Navigate to the folder where you store your music files. Click “OK.” The Zune software may take a few minutes to add all your music if you have a large collection.

Add Music to Your Zune HD

4. Click the “Device” option in the “Settings” menu bar at the top of the Zune software window. Click the “Manual Sync” check box.

5. Click “Collection” in the menu bar at the top of the window to view the music you added to the Zune software.

6. Select the music that you want to add to your Zune HD. Drag it to the bottom-left corner of the Zune software window. Drop it on the icon that represents your Zune HD device. Once your transfer is complete, you can unplug your Zune HD from your PC.