My Monitor Can’T Support Screen Resolution And Won’T Boot Into Windows

Fix your display problem by utilizing the safe mode utility.

Changing monitors may result in a blank screen after Windows boots, since the monitor may not support the currently set resolution of the video adapter. Resolution describes the width by the height of the display in pixels or tiny image dots. Readily fix this problem by starting the PC in safe mode to allow you to change the resolution. Safe mode is an option accessible from the PC’s boot screen to start Windows with a 640 x 480 resolution which all monitors can display. This then allows you to set a different screen resolution for your PC and start it normally.


1. Restart your Windows based computer then continuously press the “F8” key once the reboot begins. The safe mode options list appears.

2. Select “Start Windows In Safe Mode” from the list of options. The computer now boots in 640 x 480 resolution.

3. Right click on the desktop where there is not an icon and select “Properties” from the menu. The display properties window comes into view.

4. Choose the “Settings” tab then hit the “Advanced” button. A window containing video and monitor properties appears. Select the “Monitor” tab.

5. Check the box entitled “Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display” and hit the “Apply” button. This prevents using a resolution that can’t be shown on your monitor.

6. Press “Ok” to return to the “Settings” tab of the display properties window. Choose the resolution you desire using the slider button. Also make sure you change the color quality option to “Highest” to get the best picture possible.