My Tivo Won’T Boot Up

TiVo DVR boxes record programs streaming in from a cable box. When the TiVo is connected properly, it acts like a conduit between the cable or satellite box and the TV. If the TiVo fails to boot up properly or display a picture, you will be unable to watch any television. A TiVo DVR that won’t boot is an indication of power loss, leaving the DVR in the wrong mode, connection problems between the TV and TiVo box or a blown fan.


1. Plug the TiVo DVR into a different power outlet, or test your current power outlet with another device, such as a lamp, to ensure it is working properly. If the TiVo is plugged into a power strip, remove the plug from the strip and plug it directly into the wall outlet.

2. Restart the TiVo without using the power button. Unplug the power cord from the TiVo DVR for at least 15 seconds. Then reinsert it and the TiVo should restart.

3. Exit standby mode. If the TiVo is in standby mode, it will appear as though the DVR has not powered on. To exit standby mode, press the “Live TV or TiVo” button on your TiVo remote.

4. Check the TiVo lights and fan. When you are sure that the DVR is plugged into a working outlet, check to see if the lights in the front bezel are lit. If you don’t see lights, feel the back of the TiVo DVR box for air circulating from the fan. If you can feel or hear the fan, verify that the video cable is properly connected from the DVR to the TV. Try using a new cable to make sure the cable isn’t the problem. Also check the input setting or channel on the TV. If the fan isn’t working, call TiVo customer support, seven days a week, 24 hours a day at 1-800-347-3288.