My Wii Won’T Change To 480p

Component video cables offer better picture quality than standard composite cables.

Though the Nintendo Wii cannot output video in high definition, it does offer a setting for progressive scan at 480p instead of the default interlaced video at 480i. Progressive scan video refreshes each line of video sequentially instead of in an alternating pattern, resulting in a smoother display on large television sets. In order to change to progressive scan on the Wii, you need a special cable not included with the system and a compatible television.


1. Buy a component video cable compatible with the Nintendo Wii. You cannot use 480p video with the composite cable that comes with the Wii. Nintendo recommends buying its brand-name cable, though many other brands manufacture compatible cables as well.

2. Connect the new cable to the Wii and to the component inputs on your television. The ends of the cables use colors to help you match them to the slots on the TV. Note that there are two red cables, one for audio and one for video. You can tell them apart based on which other ends they are grouped with. The red used for audio will be nearest to the white audio cable.

3. Set your TV to the component input. Your TV may list this as “YPbPr” instead. Turn on your Wii, booting to the main menu as usual.

4. Open the settings by clicking on the “Wii” button and then the “Wii Settings” button. Click on the “Screen” button to enter the video options.

5. Select the “TV Resolution” button. You will see options for “EDTV or HDTV (480p)” and “Standard TV (480i).” Pick the first option to change to 480p and click “Confirm.” If you also need to change your Wii to display in widescreen, you can do so by entering the “Widescreen Settings” menu now. Otherwise, exit out of the settings by pressing the “Home” button on the Wii remote and clicking on “Wii Menu.”

6. Play your Wii games as usual and the video will now display in 480p. If you play GameCube games on your Wii, the system will ask you to confirm using progressive scan each time you boot a compatible game. Select “Yes” to use 480p during that game.