National Harley Owners Group Information

The Harley Owners Group (HOG) is an organization of people who own Harley-Davidson (or Buell) motorcycles, as well as loved ones who come along for the ride. The national organization has local chapters that organize meetings and events.


The types of membership are full (Harley owner), associate (not the owner, but a friend or family member who rides on the back) and life (renewal not needed). Everyone who purchases a new, unregistered Harley gets a free one-year full membership.


Pins and patches are a large part of HOG membership. Every member event involves pin trading, and pins are available during special rallies and when renewing membership.


Some programs for members include Fly ‘N Ride (organized vacations involving motorcycle rental), ABCs of Touring (a competition to photograph yourself in places starting with each letter of the alphabet) and a mileage program, in which members receive pins commemorating how many miles they have ridden.


In addition to chapter and local events, the national HOG organization has events in a certain city, touring events that move from place to place, and “pin stops” and “pit stops,” where members can get special pins or souvenirs tailored to the event.


Benefits of full membership include: a subscription to the quarterly “HOG Magazine,” access to a members-only website, a membership manual and a touring handbook with tips on traveling.


Women who are full members of HOG are eligible for free membership in LOH, or Ladies of Harley, which sponsors its own events and contests.